Easythreed® K7 Mini 3D Printer


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  • Due to logistics and customs, the products do not include SD cards, U disks, and TF cards.
  • Lighter than X1.
  • Support One Key Printing
  • Building Size:   100X100X100mm

1. Easythreed K7-Mini Toy 3D printer, suitable for home education and students, 100x100x100mm print size, support 1.75mm 0.4mm nozzle, one-key printing/CE certificated.

2. Easythreed K7 3D printer is a consumer-level 3D printer. Comes with cutting software (Easyware K7), specially made, with unique automatic cutting function.

3. It is suitable for home education or DIY enthusiasts, as well as students and children.

4. One-key printing: light, silent, lightly press the print button after inserting the TF card, and it will print automatically after warming up.

5. Super easy to install, simple and convenient to operate. Detachable magnetic platform, experience new fun.

6. It is suitable for children and families, so it only prints PLA safety filaments.

Specification Model Name:   K7
Brand:   Easythreed
Print Technology:   FDM
Building Size:   100X100X100mm
Number of Nozzle :   1
Nozzle Diameter:   0.4 mm
Layer Thickness:   0.1-0.4 mm
Printing Filament:   PLA
Diameter of Filament:   1.75 mm
Printing Accuracy:   0.1-0.2 mm
Slicer Software:   Easyware K7, CURA,Simplify3D
Extruder Temperature:  180-230℃
Print Speed:   10-40 mm/s
FilaFormat: Input:.Stl/obj, output:.gcode
Power: 12V, 30W
Machine Size: 175x235x270mm
Gift box Size: 270x100x310mm
Building Platform: Removable
Support OS:  Windows XP/7/8/10 (32 bit/64bit)
Print Connectivity: TF Card, USB Cable
Package Included 1 x K7 3D Printer

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