48V 100Ah 200Ah 5KW 10KW LiFePO4 Battery


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Powerwall Lithium battery for inverter LiFePO4, 48V, 100Ah,200Ah 5KW, 6000 cycles, 32 in parallel at most

The battery can be customized
Plug can be customized
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For our battery pack, we use only une résistance internal should be inférieur to 0.05Ω and the voltage difference is no more than 0.005v cell connection.
Compatible inverter brand list: victron, easun, goodwe, growatt, voltronic, deye, lxp, sofa, ginglong, sma, tbb power etc
Battery pack 48V 100Ah Powerwall Lifepo4
Rated voltage: 51.2V
Rated capacity: 100Ah
Communication protocol: CAN RS485
Parallel:Max 32 Parallel
Energy: 5120Wh
LIFE CYCLE: >6000 CYCLES AT 0.2C; LIFE END 80% capacity.
Charge voltage: 58.4±0.4V
Charged: 20A (0.2c)
Masima Karegamento: 100a
Maximum discharge current: 100A
Discharge Cut Tenon:40.0V
Resistance to Water Dust: IP7
Box material: metal
Size (L/W/H): 560 * 440 * 160mm
Weight: arrocks. 55 kg weight
Terminal type: M8 DUP



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