1/14 R 945 Remote Control Electro-hydraulic Excavator


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1/14 R945 Remote Control Electro-hydraulic Excavator Model All-metal Excavator Model To Play with RC Toy Birthday Gift

945 Excavator model, With remote control, leveling bucket,lights, interior, battery, charger.,With interior,cab lights, wall lights, rear seat strobe lights
1. Both the walking motor and the rotary motor use brushless motors.
2. The hydraulic pump is driven by a brushless motor with a rated pressure of 3.5MPA and uses 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil.
3. The hydraulic valve is a 3-channel rotary plunger type, with exclusive adjustment, the operation is smooth and relatively accurate.
4. The oil cylinder is made of brass and stainless steel, and the piston inside the oil cylinder can be pulled out by disassembling the head flange head (refer to the instruction manual for details).
5. Install the lighting system and send rotating engineering lights. The whole vehicle has a total of 9 LED lights to provide powerful lighting. It can work alone in the dark without providing additional lighting, which is fun.
6. Material: Most steel and zinc alloy open-die casting, aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel, etc.
7. The weight of the whole machine: 24KG, about 32KG when packed.
8. Maximum digging radius: 820MM.
Maximum excavation height: 820MM.
Maximum excavation depth: 420MM.
9. Fushi FLYSKY I6s 10-channel remote control is standard. If you want to choose Fushi Paladin PL18ev, please contact customer service for additional configuration. ,
10. Add 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil after receiving the goods (the filling amount and method need to strictly refer to the instructions)

This excavator adopts an exclusive patented mechanical slewing brake system (no active operation is required), combined with the linear rotation of the brushless slewing motor and the strong rigidity of the slewing bearing, the operation is precise, and the remote control lever is released to stop immediately. Inertia back and forth or rocking up and down, providing extremely powerful operating feel.

The chassis drive motor adopts a brushless motor and an exclusively designed planetary reducer, so that the excavator is no longer as slow as a snail. It is about 35% faster than the excavator model on the market and can provide powerful power to achieve fast Transitions.


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