1/14 6MDX 4X4 Drive Dump Car Full


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1/14 6MDX 4X4 Metal hydraulic dump car

Product name: 6MDX- dump truck

Product model: AOUE-6MDX

Product parameters: length 346.8mm, width 165.7mm, height 210.9mm, speed 30m/min, weight: 3.7kg (not including battery)

Product hardware configuration: Q-9017 bridge, reduction ratio 1:3;

22mm geared motor (reduction ratio 1/27);

Yz-0001 hydraulic oil pump, rated flow 100ml/min, rated pressure 3Mpa, Y-1537 two-channel hydraulic directional valve)

Electronic equipment information: 320A brush ESC (walking), 30A brush ESC (car body rotation), 20A brushless ESC (hydraulic pump)

Function introduction: turning radius of 25cm, maximum steering angle of 25°, maximum lifting angle of the bucket 74°, rotation angle of the bucket 180° (with mechanical and electronic limits), the articulation position adopts a three-point articulated structure.


Note: The painted version will be available in March 2022. Buy now out of stock

Off-road performance:

Product Size:

Drive axle: Use LESU differential lock axle. Superior performance. Made of CNC aluminum alloy

Hydraulic system: OEM by LESU. A hydraulic workstation developed by GLKU in conjunction with LESU. Occupies a small volume. Easy to disassemble and maintain. Excellent hydraulic performance.

Front and rear 360° cameras without dead ends

Product detail drawing:

Picture taken in kind:


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